The Death of Housing As We Know It

Ok, not really but sort of. After all, that’s the topic that this Housing Note newsletter is all about. Before I get to the death part, I have to confess that I have been bookmarking good reads, writing a lot of market research and fretting the loss of my mayorship on Foursquare in several local diners. I will start releasing my own version of pent-up demand in the context of content starting next week and getting back to my routine. Most importantly, I’ve been emotionally preparing for Apple’s release of the iPhone X – ordering begins today. So my apologies in advance, dear readers, technology beckons.

A collection of thoughts…

For the past few days, I’ve been in Dallas, MC-ing the annual RAC conference. RAC is a niche appraisal trade group founded in 1990 that is made up of the best residential appraisers in the U.S. Our members specialize in “complex residential” which is basically anything that is not generic cookie-cutter mortgage appraisals. In Manhattan that includes expert witness testimony, large penthouse triplexes, common hallway space and of course, dumbwaiter airshafts.

Going Terminal

One quick fun note – the research we compile for the Douglas Elliman – our Hamptons research included in an article was the #1 most read and #1 most emailed on the Terminals worldwide (±350K subscribers world wide).

Ok back to the death thing. There was a fun read on the impact to value of a home after a death. Its a really good read in Architectural Digest. Check it out and look over your shoulder while you’re at it. Oh, and Halloween is almost here.

See you next week.

Jonathan Miller, CRP, CRE
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