Whats Modern Today May Not Be Housing Modernization

I’m attending the D.C. conference held by The Appraisal Foundation and have to keep Housing Notes very short this week. There are lots of great reads in the links below. But I will double down next week so rest up!

The future is here. I can see it clearly.

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Market Report Gauntlet: Q3-2019, Greenwich Sales, Q3-2019 Fairfield County, Downtown Boston Sales

I’ve been the author of Douglas Elliman‘s expanding Elliman Report series for 25 years and we have a lot of new market areas to be launched in 2020.

We published the Greenwich results for the third quarter and after a tough slog, with the aid of the sharp drop in mortgage rates, Greenwich shows stable market conditions and declining inventory. This was captured in a recent Bloomberg story that at one point on Thursday became the number one read story on the 350K Bloomberg Terminals worldwide. So there is that.

And a chart, which loyal Housing Notes readers know how much I love charts.


Here are some key points for Greenwich and the other markets:


Elliman Report: Greenwich Sales Q3-2019

“Listing inventory for single-family properties declined across the market.”

– Single-family sales and median sales price showed stability
– Single-family listing inventory slipped year over year after five quarters of gains
– Condo price trend indicators surged annually, consistent with a jump in sales size
– Luxury price trend indicators still jumped despite a significant decline in average sales size
– Luxury listing inventory fell year over year for the second straight quarter


Elliman Report: Fairfield County Sales Q3-2019

“Sales saw modest year over year gains as listing inventory slipped.”

– All price trend indicators drifted lower year over year for the fourth straight quarter
– After five straight quarters of annual declines, sales increased over the last two quarters
– Listing inventory declined annually for the two most recent quarters
– Luxury listing inventory fell year over year for the second straight quarter after five increases
– Luxury marketing time and negotiability expanded as older supply began to clear the market


Elliman Report: Downtown Boston Sales Q3-2019

“The pace of the market was brisk as supply remained limited.”

– Average price per square foot rose year over year to the second-highest level in nineteen years
– Median sales price rose year over year for the seventh time in eight quarters
– Despite the rapid market pace, listing inventory expanded annually for the sixth straight quarter

– Median sales price and number of sales rose year over year for the fourth straight quarter
– Listing inventory expanded annually for the second time in the past three quarters
– The pace of the market accelerated in three of the past four quarters

Market Report Gauntlet: Q3-2019 South Florida

More on the results next week, along with the new market areas. In the meantime, you can view the reports here.

Upcoming Speaking Events

I’ve got a bunch coming this fall, but here’s one.


(For earlier appraisal industry commentary, visit my old clunky REIC site.)

Talking Appraising in DC

I’m attending the TAF/IAC meeting in DC this week. Phil Crawford and I were honored to speak in front of the Network, a.k.a. an association of state appraiser coalitions who drive the grassroots efforts at the legislative level and actually get important work accomplished for boots-on-the-ground appraisers nationwide.

The Future of Bifurcation Per FHFA

Mark Calabria, Director of FHFA who regulates the GSEs, said at the American Enterprise Institute this week that their sole focus is to privatize the GSEs so they can leave receivership, 11 years after being bailed out.

Bifurcation and a slew of other initiatives for “modernization” are just pilot programs at this point and not the top priority of their FHFA regulator.

US Appraisals Goes AMP A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Here’s the corporate gobblygook of the US Appraisals press release.

Who believes or even reads this crap?

“Bifurcated appraisals are a part of the future of this industry,” said Rick Garrie, Chief Valuations Officer of United States Appraisals. “There is so much potential to improve both the speed and the accuracy of appraisals with this new approach. We are committed to being at the forefront of Appraisal Modernization.”

Remember that the majority meaning of the word “modernization” is pivoting to AVMs and away from appraisers performing traditional appraisals.

OFT (One Final Thought)

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