Housing Costumes Manhattanites' Obsession

Housing Costumes Manhattanites’ Obsession

Dear readers of these Housing Notes. Halloween just passed us by and so did all the ghost, goblin and super luxury condominium tower costumes that New Yorker’s wear for the holiday. I haven’t dressed up in a costume since 1972 but the following would be one I’d consider if I ever changed my mind.

In the meantime, my wife and I are on a 7-day travel odyssey that begins with #AppraiserFest, a one of a kind conference for appraisers. I’m speaking here in San Antonio today and have successfully converted almost all my appraiser “fake friends” into “real” friends (you have to actually meet your online friends in person to earn a “real” status). Appraiserfest has been awesome by the way. Enthusiasm, excitement, and insights on building a professional career is contagious and that’s what it’s all about. Move forward to new opportunities. They are always out there.

So for this week, I gave you a reprieve as I haven’t had any quiet time to write my notes or share links. I was also concerned you would be able to focus with the sugar high you still have after “inspecting” your children’s candy haul.

See you next week!