The Data-Whisperer's 'Housing Notes' Intro

The Data-Whisperer’s ‘Housing Notes’ Intro


“Housing Notes” is my new recurring end of the week effort to reduce the info-noise on a national, regional and local level.  I’m trying to tell the residential real estate story by relying on a central theme through content that I collect or create.  The format includes an overview along with links to must-read articles as well as the content I’ve created.

I’ve been kicking around this idea for a while – pushing out regular market insights aside from our market report series and other related content…but to only those who request it (hint: the sign-up is on our home page).

Brick Underground recently dubbed me the ‘data-whisperer,’ which I thought I could live with – but a friend took issue and was emphatic that ‘data-shouter’ was more appropriate.  I’ll stick with the former. Sorry Joey.

Please feel free to share.  If you get tired of all the charts, real estate commentary and articles presented in each weekly note, just opt out.  I always appreciate feedback so please email me.

Yes, it’s a work in progress.

Beginning next week we get down to business with ‘Housing Notes.’  In the meantime, here are some must-reads and new content links you might enjoy.

Must Reads

New Content We’ve Created