After The Submarine Dive, Still Not Thinking About The U.S. Housing Market

Yesterday, we went submarining in Antarctica, and today, we are cruising offshore on a Special Operations Boat.

One Fun Thing

While you’re warm and cozy today, rest assured my wife & I are walking among penguins in sub-20 (f) below zero weather on the Antarctica continent. I thought it would be a good time to share my interview with James Lane Post in their real estate section, just before we left for the trip. When I read the interview, they had me at “visionary.” JLP is a popular broadsheet publication in Hamptons, New York. A bunch of real estate agents and managers from the East End of Long Island sent me a picture of my photo on the cover of the real estate section. Wow. Ok, back to the penguins…

Brilliant Idea #1

If you need something rock solid in your life – particularly on Friday afternoons at 2:00 PM, Eastern Time (ET) – and someone forwarded this to you, you can sign up for Housing Notes. And be sure to share with a friend or colleague if you enjoy them because:

– They’ll dive;
– You’ll surface;
– And I’ll be euphoric.

Brilliant Idea #2

You’re clearly full of insights and ideas as a reader of Housing Notes. Consider sharing them with me early and often. I appreciate every email I receive, as it helps me craft future Housing Notes.

See you next week!

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