Of Inverted Yield Curves, Negative Interest Rates and Skeeball

Cheryl & I are staying at our usual hotel in Rehoboth Beach, DE right now, where I grew up (some say that is in an inaccurate statement) from 1967- 1982 and then as adults, took our kids there when they were younger and now some of them are even visiting there on their own. It is a not so sleepy resort town, the “Hamptons” of Washington, DC. that grew up too and in a good way. I can assure you that right now we are not thinking of anything but Skeeball, Nic-o-bolis, Kohr Brothers orange sherbet, and vanilla soft serve custard, Grotto Pizza slices on the boardwalk, bookstores, power napping, ocean-swimming and tonight we are crashing a wedding rehearsal dinner.

Next week is another week of recovery and then the following week all hell breaks loose.

But I digress…

In the meantime, there are some great reads below, especially the extra-curricular kind.

See you next week.

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